Add to Shopping Bag
Choose the section and the product type. Search for the product you would like to buy. Once you have found it, select the color you need and add it to your Shopping Bag
You can then decide whether to continue shopping or to process the order (click on "Proceed to Checkout").
Create an account/Log in
To complete your order, you need to enter delivery and billing information. If you already have a CommerceIT eShop account, you simply need to enter your e-mail address and password to log in.
Do you want to make your purchases easier and faster? Create an account! Enter your e-mail address and fill in the necessary details.  Please  check your data and  go on with the purchase clicking on "Continue"
Secure payment
Payment on the eShop is easy and secure. We accept payments only via PayPal.
Select the icon of PayPal and go on with the payment by clicking on “Continue”.
Here you will be able to check the payment details and, if necessary, edit them.
Click on "Place Order" to confirm your payment.
E-mail receipt
Once your order has been placed, you will receive an ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL.