"Designing and creating innovative, functional and elegant solutions to give as gifts to others or to oneself to store dreams and ideas"
This is our mission, told through every single Fedon product.
Italian character, quality and innovation, these are the ideals behind a great success.
Behind every great vision, as well as every success, there are strong ideals. The founder Giorgio Fedon believed in the beauty of the Italian style, where every product is accompanied by quality and innovation. The Fedon collections always offer products with an undisputable aesthetic value, pleasant to wear and to give as a gift. The heart of the Fedon philosophy is based on You and your desire to be unique; every new product, in fact, is realized listening to the needs of the user.
Tradition and modernity, a story made of persons long a century.
It was in 1919 when Giorgio Fedon began his adventure as a skillful craftsman processing and creating precious items, born to store and protect a special content: eyeglasses. Still today, after 4 generations, Fedon puts in every single product the same passion and mastery of almost a century ago.
A daily passion for innovation and research.
The passion and the commitment in transforming ideas in new projects form the base of the Fedon ethics. Innovation, the study of the details, the continuous search of new ideas and trends accompany every product, as well as the professionalism of the persons that help create all this.
Your customized item for original company gifts or for special occasions.
The Fedon choice is the desire to offer the recognizable “Italian style”. Precious items customized with craftsmanship to make every gift a special thought, exclusive and unique.